Our Yamaha Motorcycles

For the best possible riding experience in Spain, we have a large fleet of motorcycles assembled from three of the best models from Yamaha’s comprehensive WRF range:

Yamaha Motorcycles world-famous reputation is founded on machines that combine superb handling and performance with the proven reliability guaranteed by the infamous Yamaha build quality.


The latest WR450F from Yamaha comes with a wide range of advanced engine and chassis technology that’s designed to deliver winning performance on the track and all-round versatility on the trail. At the heart of this remarkably capable enduro bike is a gutsy and reliable 450cc 5-valve engine which is renowned for its strong and useable power. And since 2012 we’ve equipped this legendary powerplant with an advanced fuel injection system for even more stable and responsive performance. The chassis also gets a serious upgrade, and the latest WR450F now runs with a compact 250-class bilateral beam frame for quicker turning and enhanced agility.


A smaller engine capacity bike that everybody can enjoy. Sure to become one of the most popular dirt bikes on the planet, the lightweight and easy-riding WR450F provides just the right combination of performance and handling for long days of riding fun.


A great little bike with a really low seat height, so ideal for novices who want their feet firmly on the floor or for the vertically challenged!