Viva Redtread Espana

Adventure Travel Magazine – November/December 09

“Welcome to Redtread Espana where off-road riding meets real adventure through, over and (sometimes) off the side of some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in Europe. Bertie Simmonds joined some crazy bike race stars in southern Spain – and you could too!”



Thank you to Mortons Group & Motorcycle Sport and Leisure

The Road to…

Adventure Travel Magazine – November/December 09

“Having decided to fulfill a lifelong ambition to ride a motorcycle across the Sahara Desert, Alun Davies sets off to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Southern Spain to get some off-road tips from the experts… I’ve just had one of the most exciting, scary and fun packed adventure travel experiences to date and given the choice, I’d go back for more of the same right now. God damn it, I loved it…”

Trails and Tribulations

Boys Toys Magazine – December 2008

I’m spitting hot, Andalucian sand from my mouth as the sweat trickles down my chest, back, face – well – everywhere. I’m stuck down a fissure, with a twenty-foot drop below me. I’m trapped underneath a purring red beast, which (I’m convinced) has been trying to kill me for the last two days…”

Getting Away with It
Moto Magazine

“Ever wanted to escape the cold, dark winter days for a motorcycle jolly around the warmer climes of the spanish mountains? no? well maybe you should, it might just be one of the best things you ever did. Sometimes even racing motocross can all be that little bit too much – there I said it!… So
sometimes it’s good to put that pride on the backburner and just simply take something for what it is, like riding a dirtbike.”

Mad Dogs & English Men…

Two Wheels Only Magazine – November 2008

“When the sun is beating down and it’s over 44 degrees, the best thing to do is swathe yourself in bike gear and head outdoors. We discover the best off-road holiday in Spain… I’ve just had the best few days riding of the whole year and all it took was a cheap British Airways flight to Malaga. The
rest is kind of up to you depending on what tickles your trout. I plumped for a spot of dirt biking…”

Spanish Ayes

DERBY EVENING TELEGRAPH, Friday, November 16, 2007

“Redtread offers an innovative alternative to activity-based motorcycling corporate hospitality and customer incentive events – and the best bit is it’s based in sunny, scenic Spain rather than some rain-lashed venue in the Midlands.”

The Sunnier Deal


Favourably reviewed by Rick Kemp!

Warren Pole (Channel 4’s World Superbike Coverage, Men & Motors)

Visited and Rated Redtread

Warren Pole rode the Honda CRF 450X and 250X bikes and gave a great opinion on them. He also provided his favourable opinion of the Redtread mansion accommodation.

Four seasons in four days

MOTORCYCLE NEWS – June 13th 2007

“You don’t have to go all the way to Africa to find some tough terrain. Grant O’Brien relives his arduous journey through Southern Spain”

Review by Grant O’Brien