Redtread off-road motorbike school tour details & pricing

The mountains of Andalucia provide the best possible conditions to embark on an amazing offroad motorcycling adventure.

All levels of riders are welcome to join us on tour, with a passion for riding we aim to give you the perfect break away from any normal holiday.

With no previous off-road riding experience necessary, off-road motorcycle tuition and training can be provided by our experienced guides in a safe environment located a short distance from our base in Nerja, furthermore our guides will continue to observe your riding and offer advice to aid the improvement of your off-road skills after leaving the training area.

Our knowledge of the area will ensure the route is suited to your riding ability but also provide an unforgettable challenge.

Our tours always begin with a rider briefing, highlighting important bike and safety information. After allocating bikes your adventure is ready to start, either heading to our training area or a pre-planned route through the mountains.

During the day, rest stops will be organised giving you a chance to view the stunning scenery. Each route takes us to a different restaurant, with various menu choices and excellent Spanish hospitality.After a brief fuel stop our journey continues, heading back to base totalling up to 140kms of varied trails, valleys, mountains and riverbeds.

We offer various packages to suit your needs, offering day rides, short or long weekends, and week long trips for maximum number of 12 people.

Our Adventure tours offer you the chance to explore areas further away from our base in Nerja, staying for one night in a hotel with the Redtread team, before returning the following day.

We also give you the option of customising your own tour, with options of extra training and private guides and mechanical training days.

Check out our list of tour dates and for any further information is required such as flight prices or airport transfers please do not hesitate to contact us by email:

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Off-road motorcycle tuition and training is provided by our experienced guides in a safe environment located a short distance from our base in Nerja.

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