Extreme, first person sports videos are very popular these days. Whether used as a way of reliving the moment, capturing images you may miss in the adrenaline rushed moment and or as a video to show friends and family, you need to know what you are doing in order to get the best footage. A holiday with RedTread is no exception when it comes to high-octane action you might want to capture through video, so below we’ve detailed exactly how you can go about doing this.


There are a lot of different cameras on the market, but we have to recommend the famous GoPro. It’s light, durable, versatile and it films in high quality even at speed. The last thing you want is to be barrelling along down a ravine, only to get back to find the camera couldn’t keep up with your ride. Worse, if a normal camera were to fall off while on a ride it would be smashed to pieces on impact, which isn’t a worry with a camera made for such activities. The problem with GoPro cameras though is that they are very expensive, but fear not. We at RedTread can rent out a GoPro to you for only €15 a day. Meaning you can get those all important shots, without shelling out €200+ for the kit.


The most common place to affix the camera is to your helmet, although chest and handlebar mounts are also available for action cameras. For that reason, you have to make sure you are pointing the camera where you want it. Looking up or down too much, quick snaps left or right or just generally not keeping the camera steady can ruin footage and make it unwatchable. We aren’t saying you need to keep rigid at all times, but try and move fluidly instead of sharply.


When riding with an expensive piece of kit, the normal reaction is to dial it down to make sure no harm comes to the gadget. However, if you start slowing down and avoiding obstacles to keep it safe, you’ll end up with a dreary video will little value in re-watching. Instead, don’t be afraid to get a bit rough, take the more difficult trails and do what you would ordinarily do. If you have the right camera, it is safe and secure on your person and will be fine, even if it takes a few knocks.


What’s really important when it comes to a piece of footage, no matter what the subject, is the finished product. To draw viewers in a give them the same feeling of exciting and intensity you felt while riding, you need to do a bit of touching up to give it that polished feeling. Filters are a great way to start, which can be added to the camera or post-filming in editing software.

They can be used to make the images look sharper and more dramatic. Once you’ve selected the filter that’s right for your film, you may need to do a bit of editing. Most computers come with film editing software, although if you don’t have any, it is readily available online. While you might have your own ideas on what your final edit should be, here are some things we definitely recommend:

  • Cut all the boring bits – For example, you may have stopped for a drink or a rest, viewers don’t want to see that bit, so leave it on the cutting room floor.
  • Speed it up – Some bits footage will be better than others, although getting of it could lose that sense of an epic journey. Instead of cutting it all then, speed up through trails that aren’t as exciting as others, this puts emphasis on the awesome trails and still gives a sense of a grander adventure.
  • Add Text – This includes things like location names, dates and times of day. This allows viewers that aren’t standing next to you to get an idea of where you are and exactly what is going on. This is especially helpful if you are trying to inspire others to make the same journey as you.

Want to make an epic ride video worth showing friends back home? Then book a trip with RedTread Spain and we’ll make sure you do!

July 16, 2015


Extreme, first person sports videos are very popular these days. Whether used as a way of reliving the moment, capturing images you may miss in the […]